Two Step Program – Quest – WoW

Required Level: 90
Faction: Alliance
Sharable: Yes
Quest Giver: Seraphine of the Winter
Quest Receiver: Seraphine of the Winter
Experience: 236,000
Reward: 19Gold Coin 84Silver Coin 50Copper Coin, 300 Operation: Shieldwall Reputation, 5 Valor Points, 2 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

Quest Objectives:
“Destroy Shredmaster Packle in Quickchop’s Lumber Farm.”

Shredmaster PackleStrategy Guide:
Shredmaster Packle is standing on a huge tree stump a short distance north of the Skyfire. He carries a knockback ability called “Boot to the Head”but otherwise he’s a pretty standard fight and fairly easy one as well. Once he is dead return to the Skyfire to turn in the quest.

Quest Location – Map View:
Shredmaster Packle Location

Video Demonstration:

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