The Lesson of the Burning Scroll – Mists of Pandaria Quest – WoW

Required Level: ?
Faction: Pandaren (Neutral)
Sharable: No
Quest Giver: Master Shang Xi
Quest Receiver: Master Shang Xi
Experience: 170
Reward: 35Copper Coin, 250 Reputation with Shang Xi’s Academy

Snatch the Flame Master Shang XiQuest Objectives:
“Snatch the flame from Master Shang Xi’s palm, then burn the Edict of Temperance.”

Strategy Guide:
Edict of TemperanceTo begin the quest you must first snatch the flame from  Master Shang Xi’s hand. To do this hover your mouse cursor precisely over the glowing orb floating above the palm of his hand. Your cursor will change to a hand icon when you have it positioned correctly. Now simply click to snatch the flame. Now travel up the stairs just behind you. Keep walking forward through the room in a near circle until you reach a second set of stairs. Travel up these stairs as well. Here on the top floor is a balcony with stone tablet covered by a cloth scroll. Click on it to burn the cloth. Now return to Master Shang Xi to turn in the quest. You will then be given the quest “The Disciple’s Challenge“.

Quest Location – Map View:
Master Shang Xi Location

Video Demonstration:

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