The Force of Neltharaku – Quest – WoW

Required Level: 70
Faction: Alliance & Horde
Sharable: No
Quest Giver: Neltharaku
Experience: 12,650

Quest Objectives:
“Neltharaku, flying high above Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley, wants you to free 5 Enslaved Netherwing Drakes.”

Enslaved Netherwing DrakeStrategy Guide:
Head back to Dragonmaw Fortress to find an Enslaved Netherwing Drake. Do not aggro the drake when using the Enchanted Nethervine Crystal Neltharaku gave you. You can’t free them while in combat. After freeing a drake make sure to kill any Orcs near it as they will attack the drake and possibly kill it. If this happens you won’t receive credit for freeing the drake.

Quest Location – Map View:
Enslaved Netherwing Drake Location

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