Raiding the Vault – Quest – WoW

Required Level: 90
Faction: Alliance & Horde
Sharable: Yes
Quest Giver: Taoshi (Alliance) & Lor’themar Theron (Horde)
Experience: 471,000
Reward: 45Gold Coin 60Silver Coin, 400 Kirin Tor Offensive Reputation, 5 Valor Points, 2 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

Quest Objectives:
“Steal the Choker of Storms from The Swollen Vault.”

Vault PlatformsStrategy Guide:
After you accept the quest make your way to the large main door of The Swollen Vault. The door opens just by clicking on it. You will find Lu-Shero inside who you have to kill first in order to get the Hoard-Keeper’s Key. This key will open the chest that contains the Choker of Storms. This chest is located on the opposite end of the Vault. To get there you need to make your way across a series of platforms. Most of these platforms will be covered in electricity and will quickly kill you if you jump onto them. There is however a few that will be clear of this electricity. These are the platforms that are safe to jump on. They are only clear of the electricity for a few seconds and they change constantly. You need to follow the next clear platform until you are close enough to the other side of the vault to jump onto it. When you are there open the chest and loot the key.

Quest Location – Map View:
Quest Map

Video Demonstration:

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