Meet the Scout – Alliance Quest – WoW

Required Level: 90
Faction: Alliance
Sharable: No
Quest Receiver: Scout Lynna
Experience: 118,000
Reward: 9Gold Coin 92Silver Coin 50Copper Coin, 250 Operation: Shieldwall Reputation, 75 Alliance Reputation

Scout LynnaQuest Objectives:
“Speak with Scout Lynna at Krasarang Cove in Krasarang Wilds.”

Strategy Guide:
You will receive this quest up flying near the Shrine of the Seven Stars in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You will then need to travel to the northeastern section of Krasarang Wilds where Scout Lynna is located. She is standing right along the shoreline southeast of Zhu’s Watch (see map below).

Quest Location – Map View:
Scout Lynna Location

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