Lion’s Landing – Quest – WoW

Required Level: 90
Faction: Alliance
Sharable: No
Quest Giver: 7th Legion Champion
Quest Receiver: Flare Launcher
Experience: 118,000
Reward: 9Gold Coin 92Silver Coin 50Copper Coin, 500 Operation: Shieldwall Reputation, 250 Alliance Reputation

Flare LauncherQuest Objectives:
“Use the Flare Launcher in Krasarang Cove to signal the Alliance fleet.”

Strategy Guide:
To complete this quest you need to use the Flare Launcher. It is on the beach at the northeastern side of Krasarang Wilds (see map below). After clicking on it you will be shown a short cutscene of the Alliance Fleet’s arrival. After the cutscene the beach area is transformed into an occupied zone with buildings. You can now access additional quests as well as a new flight point.

Quest Location – Map View:
Flare Launcher Location

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