Blood Is Thicker – Quest – WoW

Required Level: 70
Faction: Alliance & Horde
Sharable: No
Quest Giver: Marcia Chase
Reward: 16Gold Coin 54Silver Coin, 250 Kirin Tor Reputation, Bag of Fishing Treasures

Quest Objectives:
“Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.”

Dead Marsh Caribou WoWStrategy Guide:
Travel to Borean Tundra in southwestern Northrend. When there simply kill any beast near a body of water such as a Mammoth or Marsh Caribou. After doing so you will turn red signifying that you have been covered in the animal’s blood. Jump quickly into a nearby body of water. Do not jump too far off shore as the spot you jump into is also where the Bloodtooth Frenzy pool will be located. You will then need to equip a fishing pole and fish this red pool you have created. Once you fish up five Bloodtooth Frenzies from the pool travel back to Marcia Chase to turn in and complete the quest.

Quest Location – Map View:
Bloodtooth Frenzies Location Northrend

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